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We congradulate Will King to the title of "goalie of the year" i MHL

MHL Goaltender of the Year
Will King – Valley Wildcats/Campbellton Tigers

King began the year with the Valley Wildcats, appearing in 9 games. However, it was his performance after being dealt to the Campbellton Tigers on November 29th that made the rest of the league stand up and take notice. Starting every game for the Tigers since January 9th, the 20 year old from Valencia, Pennsylvania was the driving force behind his club’s second half surge that propelled them all the way to their first playoff appearance in three seasons and their best regular season record since 2006-07. King finished the regular season with a record of 18-10-4, a 2.49 GAA and a save percentage of .930. His five shutouts, all of which were secured after January 2nd, topped all league netminders.

Interview of the week by Nanna Holm Glaas

Will King
Born: 1994
Current team: Campbellton Tigers Canada

Short presentation:
I was born and grew up in Pittsburgh, PA although I've lived and spent a lot of time abroad for hockey. I love to travel, learn new languages, spend time with my dog and occasionally fly airplanes.

How did you get in contact with GDI?

I was lucky to have played in a national championship skills competition years ago with Oscar Dansk, who i had become friends with on social media. I reached out to Oscar this past summer for a recommendation of a goalie coach and he was kind enough to put me in touch with Micke, and GDI.

How has your game (playing style) developed over the past year?

This has been the single most successful year of hockey I've played. Not only did I receive technical adjustments to my game, but also I was able to bring my mental game and the way I prepare, to a whole new level.

How do you work with Micke during the season?

I keep in close contact with Micke, wether we FaceTime, call, or message, I am able to get feedback after each game. The most significant part is being able to have my game video cut down so I can constantly make improvements and see the results myself

Can you give some examples of differences in North American and Swedish way of goalie coaching?

I found one of the biggest difference in what coaches want out of their students. In North America there are many coaches who want their goalies to look a certain way, have their gloves the same position as a particular NHL goalie, or teach movements that may not be the most functional or useful, but that look good. In Sweden I've found goalie coaches have analyzed and done the research on what works and how to add tools to goalies games, the level of knowledge about goaltending you have to have in Sweden is much higher also, in North America there is no certification for anyone to become a goalie coach, so it can be hard to find someone who knows what they are really talking about

How would you describe yourself as a goalie?

I'm pretty tall and take up a lot of net, so I would say I'm large, Im also calm, very tenacious and consistent.

Thank you, last question Micke told me that you have horses and I also want to know more about you flying airplanes! Are you a licensed pilot?

Haha I've completed most of the pilot training, the only part I haven't done is landing, I'm about 10 hours of flying short of my license, although I can fly a plane along side a licensed pilot, And yes we also own harness horses that race.

Do you have any good advice for young goalies that dream of playing on high level?

Have fun playing and be patient! Anyone who is willing to put in hard work with the right attitude can make it. 

Nanna´s interview series with our goaltenders from US and Canada continue with Thomas Lalonde.  Thomas is playing in the same team/school in US as Oscar Dansk did before he went to his Hockey school in Sweden.

Thomas Lalonde
Born: 2000

Current team:
Shuttuck St.Marys
Attended GDI summer camps 2013, 2014 & 2015

1.    Short presentation of you:

My name is Thomas Lalonde. I just turned 15 years old. I'm from Montreal, Canada, and I've been a goalie since I was seven years old. I play Bantam AAA for Shattuck St-Mary's school in Minnesota. I've been going to GDI summer camps in Sweden for the last two years. 

2.    How did you get in contact with GDI?

I first made contact with GDI when Tim Turk, an NHL shooting coach, suggested this camp in Sweden during a session in 2013. He knew Micke Wernbloom and thought that I would enjoy this camp and learn many new techniques. 

3.    How would you describe yourself as a goalie?

I have very good movement and speed in the net. I rely on my quick movements to make saves. I anticipate the play well, but I am not very tall yet. 

4.    Can you describe an “in-season” week for you? (Practice, games, off-ice training, school)

A normal week at Shattuck-St. Mary’s hockey consists of five practices, two off-ice sessions and a goalies-only session. Goalies get the extra practice with Coach Des Christopher, the school’s goalie coach. The gym is always open for extra work and we can also get on the practice rink everyday early for more extra work. Then, we have games or tournaments on the weekends. If we play at home, we will play three games in two days. If we are away, we travel many hours on the bus and spend 3-4 days and play in a tournament.  

5.    How does your current team/school environment differ from your previous experiences?

Shattuck's environment is great. We live with our teammates, go to school with them, and go to practice together. This is different from my previous experiences in Montreal because I wouldn't bond as much with my teammates. Also, teachers and coaches are very caring because we see them so often. 

6.    Can you give some examples of differences in North American and Swedish way of goalie coaching?

I have been to specialized goalie camps in Canada, the USA and Sweden.  I believe goalie teaching methods in North America and Sweden are different, but equally effective. North American goalies are all about repetition, and receiving a high number of shots. Coaches also teach movement on the ice, then goalies apply it in drills. These drills help us work on many skills at once. In Sweden, based on my experiences at GDI,  we break down the game on and off the ice. They talk about game plans, net coverage, and of course movement and positioning. Sweden also gives us drills that apply to one single specific movement at a time. Also, GDI helps teach goalies by showing us a lot of video from drills. We can see ourselves, be corrected by our coach, then go apply it on the ice. 

7.    Tell us something we don’t know about you

One thing that you probably don't know about me is that I have had a bit of experience and exposure in the NHL (not as a player). I have been to dozens games, skated before NHL games with the flag and the torch, have met many NHL players,  skated with them  and on the ice of the team because my dad has been an executive in professional sports for almost 30 years including 10 years with the Montreal Canadiens.

Thank you Thomas and we hope to see you this summer again!